Business Environment

Benefits of Living in Mexico

There are many advantages to living in the Mexico area with its business parks, superior schools, affordable housing, parks, lakes, and trails. 11,543 residents enjoy the benefits of nationally recognized schools, art and culture, government services, and more than 30,000 acres of nearby lakes and parkland. The city's attention to detail, budgets, and planned growth keep taxes low and the quality of life at its highest.

Business Climate

The City of Mexico is a prime market for retailers, manufacturers, and service firms. The business community is comprised of small, medium, and large firms offering all types of manufacturing, products, and services.

Mexico has tremendous potential for new business through its availability of space, strong workforce and outstanding support services. New business continues to rise and the economy has been consistent through out the area. Retailers have an attractive demographic group to cater to with the median household income in Mexico being $30,714. Total personal income for this vibrant area exceeds $203,526,260.

Location, Location, Location

A primary factor drawing businesses and families to any city is its convenient location and easy accessibility. For Mexico, this is definitely the case. Surrounded by rolling countryside and woodlands, Mexico offers the peace and solitude sought by families and workers needing a much-needed retreat from today's hectic world. Yet, Mexico's proximity to the major airports, big league sports stadiums, and the city's arts and entertainment venues provide Mexico residents the best of both worlds.

Friendly Flying

The air transportation needs of local businesses and corporate passengers are serviced by the Mexico Memorial Airport. The Mexico Airport features 2 runways and a new state of the art terminal. Mexico is an easy commute to the Columbia Regional Airport 45 minutes away. Lambert St. Louis International Airport located 103 miles by way of I-70 and US Route 54.

Reaching Customers

Because Mexico is conveniently located in the center of the United States, transporting goods to and from other major U.S. metropolitan area is quick, easy and affordable. In today's competitive business world, getting goods to your customers quickly is a necessity for any company to survive.

Kansas City Southern Railway and Norfolk Southern operate main-line carrier service to Chicago, Kansas City, and St. Louis. They point east and west through line connections with all major railroads in the region. Gateway Western provides service in the Mexico Industrial Park while Norfolk and Southern serves industrial sites in the eastern part of the city.

With so many options, many businesses see railroads and motor freight as the fastest service - transport typically takes 2 to 3 days to reach most major U.S. points. Mexico area businesses take advantage of the excellent highway, rail, and air transportation opportunities.