Emergency Snow Routes

The Department of Public Works would like to remind citizens about the designated Emergency Snow Routes (map) and how the city plans to make getting around on snow covered streets less of a bother for city residents.

There are 13.279 miles of Emergency Snow Routes and they are as follows:
  • Liberty Street from Clark Street to Agricultural
  • Liberty Street from Muldrow to Morris
  • Boulevard from Muldrow to Elmwood Drive
  • Clark from Boulevard to Love Street
  • Lakeview from Morris to West city limits
  • Teal Lake from U.S. Highway 54 to Fairground
  • Fairground from Teal Lake to Lakeview
  • Morris from Boulevard to Highway 22 (Monroe)
  • Love Street from Agricultural to North Western
  • Jefferson from Liberty to North city limits
  • Kentucky from Highway 22 to North city limits
  • Summit from Jefferson to Agricultural
  • Omar from Boulevard to Lakeview
  • Hendricks from Kentucky to Jefferson
  • Breckenridge from Fairground to Green Boulevard
  • Summit from Craig to Jefferson
Emergency Snow Routes are designated by signs. Residents living in these areas are prohibited to park their vehicles on the streets during a declared snow emergency. If cars are parked on the streets, during a declared snow emergency, the cars are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense or plowed in.

After the Emergency Snow Routes have been cleared, the other streets will be cleared based on the traffic load of the given street.