Concrete Washout

With the summer construction season in full swing we have noted a rise in the discharge of concrete and washout water to inappropriate places within the city. Any discharge to a storm inlet, ditch, or gutter line violates the city's illicit discharge ordinance. Discharges on city property, including streets and the parks are also a violation of city Ordinance.

Contractors and city workers pouring concrete should make provision for the disposal of excess concrete that may be left in the truck chute and for the disposal of some water to rinse the chute. The water cannot go into the storm drainage system. This may be done by discharge to a debris pile be picked up, a pit on site, or to a pan or bag for the purpose. Suppliers have concrete washout pits for the truck washout. There should not be a need for any discharge at any other location. All parties involved in an illicit discharge may be liable.