Complaints or Accusations

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If you believe you have a serious complaint or accusation against any department member, you are encouraged to make the complaint in person at the Public Safety station.

The Investigation
A shift supervisor or command officer will be contacted to take your complaint at the station. The officer taking your complaint will require specific information from you including your name, address, telephone number, employment, date and time the incident occurred, and in almost all cases, a written statement concerning the incident. The officer will ensure that it is thoroughly investigated. In some instances, if the action taken was the result of policy, procedures or tactics, you should receive an immediate explanation to address your complaint.

It is of the utmost importance that the integrity of the Public Safety Department be maintained. Because of this, each complaint and accusation from all sources will be completely and thoroughly investigated. Such investigations may include interviewing witnesses and other involved department members, collecting physical evidence, interviewing the accused employee, and more.

The process will resulted in 1 of the following findings:
  • The act did not occur or did not involve Public Safety personnel
  • The act did occur but was justified
  • The investigation did not discover sufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation(s)
  • The investigation discovered sufficient information to prove the allegations
  • The accused member was not involved in the incident
Based upon a specific finding, action may be taken, a policy, procedure, or tactic may be reviewed and changed, or a member may be disciplined. If you would like further contact, you will be advised of the outcome but not the specific disciplinary action taken.

False Complaints or Statements
Please keep in mind that false complaints or false statements will be referred to the Audrain County Prosecuting Attorney for prosecution.