Private Sewer Defect Program

Inflow and Infiltration of storm water into the city’s sanitary sewer system is a problem that costs each citizen in operating and treatment costs and has the potential to limit economic growth by taking up treatment capacity at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. To combat this, the city is committing resources to repair manholes and public mains. We are also asking property owners to make repairs to their building sewer lines and to correct illegal connections.

City Assistance

The city will assist your plumber with additional smoke testing or dye testing. TV inspection of your building line will have to be done by a private plumber with appropriate equipment as the city’s equipment is too large to fit through building lines. In some cases, the defect repair may be eligible for some financial assistance from the city.

 The Private Sewer Defect Brochure with details of the program is here for your review.