Banner Display Information

The City of Mexico Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for placing the banners that are located at the Clark and Boulevard Intersection.

Posting Banners
The corner, maintained by the department, has enough room to handle 4 3 by 8 foot banner signs to announce Mexico activities. The following are some informational rules that apply to the placement of the banners:
  • Banners must be placed by Parks and Recreation personnel
  • There is such a demand for the use of the space that a calendar is maintained for scheduled placements of the banners
Banners will need to be received by the department at least 4 weeks in advance of the scheduled event. The banner will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, and then placed for viewing for a maximum 2 week period prior to the event.

Banner Removal
Banners will be removed after the event by staff members and will be held at City Hall for 30 days. If the club or organization does not pick the banner up within that time frame, the banner will be disposed of.

To schedule the display of your banner, please contact Sandy Benn at 573-581-2100, ext. 234 or email.