Stormwater Maintenance Policy

Storm Water - You Can Do Your Part

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Communities over 10,000 in population are under storm water regulations from the EPA and Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Those regulations are aimed at improving the quality of the water in our streams, lakes, and rivers. Mexico has wonderful lakes in their parks and we want to keep their high quality.

Tips to Keep Storm Water Clean

  • Taking leaves and grass clippings to the maintenance center, or compost them yourself. Putting them in the street or storm ditches contributes to the pollution of our water because they use oxygen to decompose, and this is oxygen that aquatic life needs.
  • Minimize fertilizer and herbicides on your lawns. Use just enough according to the application instructions. If used too much, fertilizer and herbicides will run off and contribute to pollution.
  • Do not pour oil or other pollutants into storm drains. Recycle it. This can be done at the city of Mexico's Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 201 South Morris.